Solar EPC

The basic aim of Go Green Renewable is to provide a complete range of efficient, cost effective solar energy solutions for its customers. Our professional and experienced team provides the turnkey integration and end-to-end consultancy services in the solar domain to the investors.


Our mission is to make use of solar energy feasible to all categories of consumers and we intend to do that by giving them solar solutions customized to their needs. We have pledged to play an active role in India’s sustainable development and we take it very seriously.

Go Green Renewable


At Go Green Renewable, building trust and confidence means taking to heart the needs of those we serve – our customers, employees and investors.

Taking customers to heart:We’re honored to be our customers’ energy partner. Our constant goal is to genuinely care for and respect our customers. Given a choice, we want our customers to choose us.

Taking employees to heart:We’re proud of our people and our positive culture. We applaud dedication to safety, diversity, leadership, innovation and doing what is right.

Taking investors to heart:We balance short-term gains with long-term plans to deliver consistent, competitive value for our investors who have entrusted us with their savings.


Safety:We value safety at all times and in all situations.

Integrity:We respect each other and those we serve by being honest and choosing the hard right over the easy wrong for the good of our entire company.

Accountability:We take personal responsibility for our actions, decisions and commitments.

Adaptability:Each of us grows our value by embracing and ushering in change to meet our ever-changing industry and our customers’ evolving needs.

Services offered by us

  1. Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Maintenance of Solar PV Plants
  2. Project Management Consultancy
  3. Project Execution Consultancy
  4. Solar Power Plant Evaluation
  5. Installation & Commissioning works of Solar Plants

Project Management Consulting

Go Green Renewable has a deep understanding of India’s Renewable Energy market. We augment and apply our knowledge by bringing together financial, technical, socio-economic, regulatory and entrepreneurial aspects of this business. Furthermore, we support our clients with viable and effective strategies and helping them identify specific, actionable business opportunities.

Our Consulting Service covers aspects such as:

Investment strategy

Solar Power projects require huge investments and an in-depth understanding of various factors impacting these investments. As an investor, finding the right opportunity and de-risking such investment decisions is the key to a successful venture. At Go Green Renewable, after thoroughly understanding the clients’ priorities and strengths, we collaborate with them to develop customised strategies and plans. Using our expertise, experience and insights, we help our clients in thoroughly understanding the current and future sources of advantage within the solar landscape. We deconstruct the complexity of the policy framework, industry trends, technology, financing and project development to help our clients in spotting risks and uncertainties and propose ways to mitigate them.

Techno-Commercial Analysis of Project

To determine feasibility of a project, the following aspects are covered:

  • Assessment of need for the project
  • Preliminary site and technical analysis
  • Policy and regulatory analysis
  • Viability enablers such as Feed-in-tariffs, REC benefits, accelerated depreciation benefits, subsidies, tax benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) etc.
  • Evaluation of prevalent business models (OPEX, CAPEX, REPEX, Group Captive, Captive, zero-investment, lease model etc)
  • Selection of the right business model
  • Budgetary analysis
  • Yield and financial modelling
  • Risk and challenges
  • Success factors
  • Expert recommendations

Legal & Finance

  • Government clearances & legal approvals without any hassles
  • Support in loan approval from banks

Planning & Liasoning

A few months of proper technical and financial planning and taking steps to ensure that all clearances are in place, can guarantee 25 years of hassle-free returns on investment.

With strong industry relationships and a thorough understanding of solar policy, technology, project management and finance, our team aims to maximise our clients’ return on investments (ROI) and accelerate project execution. We provide the following services in this respect:

  • Business model development (for bilateral Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Technical design outlining
  • Bankable detailed project report
  • Stakeholder selection
  • Contracts assessment and negotiation
  • Bidding Management or customer acquisition
  • Power Purchase Agreement facilitation
  • Permits & approvals facilitation

Project Monitoring

Project developers can use Go Green Renewable's expertise in managing the installation process. We will ensure that the project developer’s interests are safeguarded and that the plant is installed to perform at its peak for the next 25 years or more. Our team will help the project developers in installing the plant within the budget, in time and with high performance. Go Green Renewable can provide its expertise during installation in the following ways:

  • Quality & cost control
  • Installation monitoring
  • Testing and commissioning

Project Execution Support

Design & Technology

  • Technical feasibility tests and report generation
  • Conduct topographical studies and land/soil strength analysis
  • Basic electrical plant layout
  • Civil works designing
  • Structure designing and BOQ preparation
  • Electrical LV/ HV design and BOQ preparation

Procurement & Supply

  • Preparation of guaranteed technical parameters
  • Invites for quotation
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Supplier selection and cost optimization
  • Quality supervision and inspection at supplier facilities
  • Deliveries follow up

Construction & Commissioning

  • Project management
  • Project scheduling and ensuring all deadlines are met
  • Regular Quality checks and handover of quality check reports in the end
  • SCADA installation
  • Site testing of individual equipments and whole system
  • Government approvals for commissioning
  • Project commissioning
  • Personnel Training
  • Project handover to owner

Post-Commissioning Services

  • Plant performance assessments
  • Assistance during operation and maintenance
  • In-service plant inspection
  • Contract claims management
  • Health and safety management

Your Business Benefits

Safeguard Your Investment

With realistic assessment of project risk, delivery and performance for maximum predictability of returns on investments

Improve Cost Certainty

By using our integrated service approach to ensure comprehensive assessment of your project and identify areas for cost savings

Save Time And Improve Performance

By outsourcing planning and construction to an expert partner that delivers single-source control

Benefit From One-Stop Solutions

With our tailored owner’s engineer services, from feasibility to commissioning

Go Green Renewable is the most impressive team you were Looking For

Go Green Renewable solar module mounting structure is designed and engineered to cater any specific site conditions. We at Go Green Renewable believe that every site is unique and adaptable to any terrain and conditions.

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