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All over the world, structural steel has gained wide acceptance as the preferred material of construction for fast track projects.

With our capacity to deliver huge quantities of purlins and cold-roll formed sections with very short lead times, Sunsol is a leading supplier to Solar projects in India and abroad.

Our Purlins and cold-roll formed sections find application in a wide range of Solar plants ranging from ground mount to Elevated structure.

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Our Purlins have several advantages over conventional hot rolled sections:

Light weight sections put minimal load on other structures / supports / foundations

Being factory-finished, they minimize wastage and installation time

Optimum sections meet exact design specifications

Very high strength to weight ratio

Cold forming increases yield strength and safety

Being supplied in a pre-punched condition and cut to sizes, Pennar’s Purlins facilitate easy erection and minimize wastage / rework at the site

Being painted / galvanized, they are maintenance free

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Shape & Section

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Go Green Renewable solar module mounting structure is designed and engineered to cater any specific site conditions. We at Go Green Renewable believe that every site is unique and adaptable to any terrain and conditions.

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