LT Pannels & Balance of System (BOS)

LT Pannels

LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from generator or transformer and distributes the same to various electronic devices and distribution boards. Such panels are used in industries both for internal and external use and, therefore, they are quite rugged to withstand different climatic conditions. Our LT panels are designed to work with low electricity consumption that makes them cost effective.

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LT Pannels


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Earthing is one of the most important part of SPV plant to protect the system and ensure the electrical safety of all electronics, Electrical, Structural parts of SPV Plant. We provide all type of earthing solutions for SPV plant

  • Electrode earthing
  • Copper plate earthing
  • Chemical maintenance free earthing
  • GI strips
  • Copper Strips
  • Pit covers cast iron/ PVC

Lightening Arrestor

Lightening is one of the biggest risk in all types of SPV Plant, as the surge can damage the equipment to a very alarming level. We at Go Green Keeping in mind this importance we suggest the suitable LA with all types of lightening arrestors which can suit your plant

  • Conventional copper LA
  • ESE type lightening arrestor
  • LA for HV grid
  • LA masts
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Wires & Cables

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Wires are the most important part of all SPV Plant and any electrical connections, we at Go Green with our design team work out technical’s for our client ranging from cable sizing to cabling layout, we suggest proper cables and wires with having almost all types of brands in our company to provide. Like solar DC cables, Lapp cables, Control cable, communication cable, Armoured cable, Un armoured cable, Fr, FRLS etc pf different brands like Polycab/ Havells/ Finolex/ KEI/ LAPP/ LEONI etc.

Lugs (bimetallic, Cu, Al)

Termination are one of the most important part of electrical connection and for a proper termination you should have proper lugs for that, either its copper aluminium or bimetallic we at Go green have complete range of lugs of all sizes to give a complete peace of mind to our cliebts.

  • Copper/ aluminium lugs
  • Bimetallic Lugs
  • UV cable Ties
  • Route markers
  • UPVC flexible & UPVC pipes
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MC4 which is also referred as Multi Contact, this is used for safe, secured and proper connection of DC system. MC4 is used in Solar Photovoltaic Modules to take +ve and –ve terminals out for connection in series and parallel from Module junction Box. Mc4 is used module to module series connection and parallel connection which is connection to the Array Junction Box. Also MC4 is used in Array junction Box to have secure DC termination. We deals in all range of MC4 for safe DC connection with warranty of minimum 5yrs of our MC4.


Gland are used so that proper routing of cables can be done in the Electrical panels. Also in MW scale projects or Projects where bigger cable sizes or Armoured cable is used as these glands also act as a earthing point for the armoured used in cables and it gives support to cables in the Panel to protect the terminals from excess load. We have all range of Glands Ranging of all sizes, different types of cable glands are available with us for different purposes like single steel/brass compression glands, double compression steel/brass Glands, IP 65 Poly carbonate, ABS and also other types of glands.

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Cable Ties

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Cable ties are used to bound cables and give proper support to the DC as well as AC cables. Cable ties are used in different type of environment so it has to be used according to the suitable conditions, Like in the PV field area UV cable ties are used, to hold Armoured cable in cable trays Steel Cable ties are used and like ways many other applications are there for the Cable ties. We have all range of cable ties to offer to our Clients.

Other BOS Items

Apart from the above parts there many more items used in the SPV plant to make the plant safe, secured, and long lasting, we at Go Green Renewable offer all other BOS items for plants ranging to KWp to MWp farms to give our Clients complete Peace of mind. Some items are Earthing Pit Covers, GI strips, Copper Strips, terminals, Conduit pipes, HDPE pipe, HDPE flexible pipes, Route markers, Bird spikes, Array beading, LA posts with ropes and many more are there.

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Go Green Renewable solar module mounting structure is designed and engineered to cater any specific site conditions. We at Go Green Renewable believe that every site is unique and adaptable to any terrain and conditions.

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